Transforming your memories with a warm and timeless touch.

Meet Tiffannie Mersades

Timeless, Romantic, Homely. A lover of memories and traveller at heart.

A wedding photographer with a sincere, unwavering love of capturing memories,  Tiffannie's passion for photography was ignited by family. It was at home that she fell in love with analogue techniques, learning to adhere to the imperfections of capturing light and movement.

She is a creative, ambitious, experienced and compassionate photographer who revels in travelling the world, documenting the intimate binding of two people wildly in love.

"We loved every photo, they felt like home" Zoe & Archie
weddings on film camera by Tiffannie Mersades

Photography Style

Renowned for her expertise in film and analogue weddings captured through 120mm and 35mm cameras, Tiffannie Mersades, a dedicated photographer, has a profound passion for preserving memories with a homely aesthetic. Recognized as a visionary in the realm of fine art photography, Tiffannie has refined her craft by infusing a distinctive editorial style with journalistic qualities and a touch of fine art, all perfected within the analogue medium.

Demonstrating a discerning eye for capturing the essence of moments, Tiffannie's work goes beyond conventional boundaries, offering a unique and timeless perspective. Her mastery of the analogue medium not only distinguishes her as a true artist but also enables her to craft evocative visual narratives imbued with profound depth and emotion. This exceptional skill has positioned her as a sought-after name for those seeking a seamless fusion of artistry and storytelling in their photography.

Tiffannie's cinematic and timeless frames pulsate with movement, emotion, and raw beauty, resulting in a generous gallery of mementos that encapsulate the true beauty of the day, to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

In her approach, Tiffannie seamlessly blends true-to-life digital techniques with analogue methods, endowing her galleries with an artful, tangible quality. Each wedding couple is presented with fine art prints and negatives developed from the rolls of film shot on their special day, ensuring a lasting and cherished embodiment of their love story.

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"She knew exactly how to make me feel comfortable and I'm hard to please"

Your Day

Drawing on  experience within the wedding industry, Tiffannie Mersades brings a tranquil aura and aligned energy to guide you through this exhilarating journey with finesse, ardor, and camaraderie. From the initial point of contact, Tiffannie's warmth and empathy envelop you, and her exceptional vision and instinctive attention to detail guarantee that your most cherished memories will stand the test of time.

Commencing with the slightly anxious moments of morning preparations and culminating in infectious laughter on the dance floor, Tiffannie captures the entire experience with a keen eye from a distance. Unhesitant to immerse herself whenever necessary, she seamlessly blends into the energy of your day, ensuring a comprehensive and authentic representation of your special moments.

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Transforming your memories with a warm and timeless touch.

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